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Mesoamerican and Andean Civilization: (Mayas, Aztecs, Incas) Time Period: Maya: 300-900 Aztec: 1200s-1521 Inca: pre 1400s-1535 Geographic Description: -Yucatan Peninsula -Rainforest -Valley of Mexico -Swampland -Andes Mountain -Modern day Peru to Chile -Terrace farming Political: -Capital: Tikel -Each village had their own ruling chief, priest and warriors due to rainforests -Ruled through city-states -Capital: Tenochtitlan -Single emperor was chosen by council of nobles and priest (officials) -Warriors gained land and tribute for conquered towns -Capital: Cuzco -Absolute rule under emperor ?Inca was title and had divine status and believed to be son of Sun god -Gov?t controlled the people Economic: -Majority farmers
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