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Cleavage furrow

AP Bio Mitosis/Meiosis Key Terms

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AP Bio Mitosis/Meiosis Key Terms Genome Chromosome Somatic Cell Gamete Chromatin Sister Chromatid Centromere Mitosis Cytokinesis Meiosis Meiosis 1, 2 Mitotic Phase (M) Interphase G1 Phase S Phase G2 Phase Prophase Prometaphase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Mitotic Spindle Centrosome Aster Kinetochore Metaphase Plate Cleavage Cleavage Furrow Cell plate Binary Fission Cell cycle control system Checkpoint G0 Phase Cyclin Cyclin dependent kinases MPF Growth Factors Density - dependent inhibition Anchorage dependence Transformation Benign tumor Malignant tumor Metastasis
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