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The Earth and Its Peoples - Chapter 23

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CHAPTER 23 The Early Industrial Revolution, 1760?1851 I?? seq NLA \r 0 \h . Causes of the Industrial Revolution A?? seq NL1 \r 0 \h . Population Growth 1?? seq NL_a \r 0 \h . In the eighteenth century more reliable food supplies, earlier marriage, high birthrates, and more widespread resistance to disease contributed to significant population growth in Europe. England and Wales experienced particularly rapid population growth. 2?? seq NL_a \r 0 \h . Rapid population growth meant that children accounted for a relatively high proportion of the total population. Population growth also contributed to migration of people from the countryside to the cities, from Ireland to England, and from Europe to the Americas. B?? seq NL1 \r 0 \h . The Agricultural Revolution
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