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Crispus Attucks

Unit 2 Terms for American Pageant 12th Edition

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AP U.S. History Unit 2 ? The American Revolution The American Pageant, Chs. 6-8 The following is a list of the important terms (people, ideas, places, events) from Unit 2. In addition to defining these terms, you should understand their significance to the point of being able to use them (both individually and collectively) in essay writing. Issues of the French and Indian War: ? French and Indian War New France Samuel de Champlain Robert de La Salle James Wolfe William Pitt Edward Braddock Pontiac Acadians Albany Congress Proclamation of 1763 ? The Causes of the Revolutionary War: ? John Hancock Sons of Liberty Lord North George Grenville Samuel Adams John Adams Crispus Attucks King George III Marquis de Lafayette Baron von Steuben Mercantilism
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