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Chapters 4 & 5 Great Gatsby Notes

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? ? 1. Analyze the effect of language in the first sentence and first short paragraph (ending? with ?crystal glass?). Look carefully.? If I?m being completely honest, I was a bit confused about the 1st sentence and paragraph of the? 4th chapter but I will say what I think I know. Fitzgerald mentions church bells, in order to signify? holiness after a day of partying. The church is supposed to symbolize innocence, or the house of? God, and Gatsby?s house is the home of the devil, such as what the women in the first paragraph? reference to. Also, Fitzgerald carries on the theme of lies and rumors, as he introduces a new rumor? about Gatsby killing his nephew.?? 2. Explain how this comment characterizes Mr. Wolfsheim: ?I understand you?re?
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