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Ahl al-Bayt

Islam Religion

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4/26/11 11:03 AM Islam: the life of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632CE) Born in Mecca Caravan trader, familiar with different religious traditions Thoughtful and pious Probably mostly illiterate Fasts and mediates in caves above Mecca The revelation on Mt. Hira: the ?Night of Power? At age 40, Muhammad visited by a bright presence/Angel Gabriel, who holds up a cloth covered in Arabic writing Muhammad told to ?recite? the verses Doubts the revelation at first Eventually accepts his mission as God?s ?mouthpiece? After the Revelation, Muhammad begins 23 years of ?reciting?, which, (in total) becomes the Qur?an- most sacred scripture for Muslims Among first converts were cousin Ali, wife Khadijs, friend Abu Bakr: the first Muslims- People who submit to God
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