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1900-1909 - The Modern State

Date Event
January 1, 1900

Bryan declares government ownership a non-issue

January 1, 1900

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteWilliam M. McKinley (Republican) 51.7 292
William J. Bryan (Democratic) 45.5 155

June 19, 1900

Republican national convention at Philadelphia

July 4, 1900

Admiral George Dewey announces candidacy for President

July 4, 1900

Democratic convention in Kansas City nominates Bryan and Silver Republican

September 6, 1901

McKinley shot by anarchist at Pan-American Exposition

January 1, 1902

Roosevelt intervenes in the anthracite coal strike

January 1, 1903

""Uncle Joe" Cannon elected as Speaker of the House "

January 1, 1904

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteTheodore Roosevelt (Republican) 57.4 336
Alton B. Parker (Democratic) 37.6 140
Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) 3

June 21, 1904

Republican national convention in Chicago

July 6, 1904

Democratic convention in St. Louis

January 1, 1906

W. J. Bryan makes speech in Madison Square Garden advocating government ownership of railroads

January 1, 1906

two senators convicted on fraud and corruption charges,campaign for direct election begins

January 1, 1906

Hepburn Act drawn up by William Peters

March 1, 1906

""Treason of the Senate" articles appear through print "

January 1, 1907

Panic 1907 asserts fundamental conservatism of Republican majority

January 1, 1907

Harriman letter appears in New York World

January 1, 1908

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteWilliam H. Taft (Republican) 51.6 321
Alton B. Parker (Democratic) 43.1 162
Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) 2.8

June 16, 1908

Republican national convention in Chicago

July 1, 1908

Democratic convention in Denver re-nominates Bryan

March 1, 1909

progressive Republicans break ranks and vote for James Beauchamp Clark for Speaker

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