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1910-1919 - The Progressive Era

Date Event
January 1, 1910

Ballinger-Pinchot controversy; Pinchot writes letter to Senator Dolliver

March 1, 1910

bipartisan uprising against "Uncle Joe" Cannon

March 17, 1910

Norris proposes Rules Committee in which the Speaker is excluded

January 1, 1911

House passes direct election amendment by 296-11 margin

January 1, 1911

National Progressive Republican League founded

February 2, 1911

La Follette speaks at Publishers Association and is reported to have a breakdown; support switches to Roosevelt

January 1, 1912

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteTheodore Roosevelt (Progressive) 41.9 435
William H. Taft (Republican) 27.4 88
Eugene V. Debs (Socialist) 23.2 8

May 1, 1912

William Borah (ID) guides direct election measure to enactment

August 5, 1912

Progressive Party convention n Chicago

October 1, 1912

Roosevelt criticizes treaties by Taft as suit brought against dissolution of U.S. Steel

October 14, 1912

insane man attempts to assassinate Roosevelt in Milwaukee

January 1, 1913

Underwood tariff passes in House

April 3, 1913

Wilson appears before special session of congress calling for elimnation of tariffs

January 1, 1914

Federal Trade Commission Act and Clayton Antitrust Act approved by Senate

January 29, 1914

Maryland's Blair Lee becomes first directly elected senator

April 1, 1914

onset of the world war,Senate's attention shifted to foreign policy

January 1, 1915
January 1, 1916

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteWoodrow Wilson (Democratic) 49.4 277
Charles E. Hughes (Republican) 46.2 254
A. L. Benson (Socialist) 3.2

March 2, 1917

Progressives hold filibuster of arming ships on noninterventionist policies

March 5, 1917

cloture' measure (Rule 22) passes at Wilson's demand

January 1, 1918

Wilson calls for establishment of Democratic congress to see the victory

January 1, 1918

Truman Newberry defeats Henry Ford in Michigan Senate race

January 1, 1918

Wilson sets forth "Fourteen Points" to Congress

May 16, 1918

Sedition Act proposed to punish anyone who spoke out against the government

August 1, 1918

H. Cabot Lodge becomes Senate's floor leader and senior member

March 1, 1919

Lodge presents resolution signed by 29 senators urging the separation of the treaty from the League of Nations covenant

July 10, 1919

peace treaty sent to Senate; voted down amendments

October 22, 1919

Wilson suffers a stroke,and returns to capital from peace campaign

November 29, 1919

Newberry indicted on charges of conspiracy

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