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1860-1869 - Radical Reconstruction

Date Event
January 1, 1860

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteAbraham Lincoln (Republican) 39.8 180
John Bell (Constitutional Union 29.5 12
John C. Breckinridge (Democratic) 18.1 72
John Bell (Constitutional Union) 12.6 39

April 23, 1860

Democratic national convention in Charleston,SC

May 16, 1860

Republican national convention in Chicago,surrounded by "Wigwams"

June 18, 1860

Democrats re-assemble in Baltimore

December 4, 1860

South Carolina leaves the Union

January 9, 1861

Mississippi leaves the union

July 21, 1861

Select Committee on the Loyalty of Government Employees started

December 4, 1861

Breckinridge expelled from Senate as a traitor

December 10, 1861

Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War in House,investigations into General Stone

February 1, 1862

Indiana's Jesse Bright expelled from Senate

September 22, 1862

Emancipation Proclamation issued by Lincoln

January 1, 1863

Lincoln offers extension of recognition to South with 10% taking oath

May 1, 1863

Vallandigham peace campaign ends,tried in court for resisting draft

January 1, 1864

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteAbraham Lincoln (Republican) 55 212
George McClellan 45 21

April 8, 1864

abolishing of slavery in House

June 7, 1864

Union Party first convention in Baltimore

July 5, 1864

Wade-Davis bill vetoed

September 1, 1864

Sherman captures Atlanta,Lincoln gains popularity

January 1, 1865

Joint Committee of Fifteen on Reconstruction established

April 14, 1865

Lincoln assassinated

January 1, 1866

ranks of Republicans in congress expanded after war

January 1, 1866

Johnson vetoes Civil Rights Bill and extension of Freedmen's Bureau

June 13, 1866

Fourteenth Amendment passes

January 7, 1867

James M. Ashley introduced legislation to impeach president

January 13, 1867

First reconstruction Act introduced by Stevens

January 22, 1867

House voted to have 40th Congress begin the day after 39th Congress and authority to call special sessions

March 1, 1867

Tenure of Office Act passed

March 2, 1867

Reconstruction Act vetoed and overridden

March 23, 1867

Supplementary Reconstruction Act

July 19, 1867

Third Reconstruction Act

August 2, 1867

Johnson fires Secretary of War Stanton,impeachment given

January 1, 1868

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteUlysses S. Grant (Republican) 52.7 286
Horatio Seymour (Democratic) 47.3

March 4, 1868

Johnson impeachment trial begins

March 11, 1868

Third Reconstruction Act

May 16, 1868

vote on removal of Johnson fails

May 20, 1868

National Union Republican" party convention at Chicago

July 4, 1868

Democrats hold convention in new Tammany Hall

September 24, 1868

Black Friday caused by corrective action by Secretary of Treasury Boutwell

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