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1870-1879 - The Gilded Age

Date Event
January 1, 1870

Presedential Elections:Rutherford B. Hayes (Republican)
Samuel J. Tilden (Democratic)

January 1, 1870

Hiram Revels elected as first black senator

January 1, 1870

Presedential Elections:Ulysses S. Grant (Republican)
Horace Greeley (Democratic)

January 1, 1870

Republican party convention in Philadelphia

February 21, 1870

Labor Reform Party founded and holds convention in Columbus,Ohio

July 9, 1870

Democratic convention in Baltimore

January 1, 1874

Samuel Tilden elected to governor of New York

January 1, 1875

Ohio Democrats take inflationist stand as Governor Allen embraces greenbackism

June 14, 1875

Republican convention in Cincinnati

January 1, 1876

""Greenback" Independent Party launched "

June 22, 1876

Hayes executive order that government officials take no part in politics

January 1, 1878

Bland-Allison Act allows limited coinage of silver dollars

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