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1970-1979 - Seeds of Corruption

Date Event
January 1, 1970

Cooper and Church reassert prerogatives by restricting ground forces in Cambodia

December 31, 1970

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution repealed

January 1, 1971

Speaker McCormack retires,succeeded by Carl Albert

January 1, 1971

McGovern announces candidacy and outlines twin campaign themes

January 1, 1971

Edward Kennedy quiets scandalmongers and announces he would not run

January 1, 1972

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteRichard M. Nixon (Republican) 60.7 520
George S. McGovern (Democratic) 37.5 17

May 15, 1972

Bremer wounds Governor George Wallace

June 6, 1972

Humphrey attacks McGovern at California primary

July 10, 1972

Democrats hold national convention in Chicago

July 11, 1972

Governor Askew calls for "coalition of protest"

August 21, 1972

Republicans hold national convention

November 4, 1972

Virginian elector votes for Libertarian candidate

January 1, 1973

Senate begins examinations of ethical misconduct in 1972 campaign

July 23, 1973

committee learns of existence of Nixon tape recordings

October 4, 1973

conferees agree on bill setting restrictions on presidential military powers

October 7, 1973

Nixon ordered firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox

October 24, 1973

President vetoes War Powers Act

November 7, 1973

Congress passes War Powers Resolution

January 1, 1974

Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act curtails presidents ability in the matter

January 1, 1974

Federal Elections Act established public financing for campaigns

February 6, 1974

House authorizes Judiciary Committee to begin Nixon investigation

July 27, 1974

bipartisan majority voted in favor of Nixon impeachment

August 28, 1974

President Richard Nixon resigns

December 1, 1974

Carter declares presidential candidacy

January 1, 1975

Senate adopts reform requiring open hearings and business meetings

January 1, 1975

Senate adopts rules change reducing cloture vote

November 1, 1975

Ronald Reagan announces candidacy for presidency

January 1, 1976

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteJimmy Carter (Democratic) 50.1 297
Gerald R. Ford (Republican) 48 240

January 1, 1976

Legislative Reorganization Act passed

January 1, 1976

Rep. Wayne Hays found to have abused authority on committee

January 1, 1976

Supreme Court strikes down public financing statute

July 12, 1976

Democratic National Convention in Madison Square Garden

August 16, 1976

Republican convention in Kemper Arena

September 23, 1976

presidential debates in Philadelphia

October 15, 1976

vice-presidential and presidential debates

January 1, 1977

Senate acknowledges right of the minority to hire one third of the committee staff

January 1, 1977

Speaker Albert retires,succeeded by Top O'Neill

January 1, 1977

Robert C. Byrd elected as Democrat majority leader

January 1, 1977

Congress toughens codes of conduct

January 1, 1979

Senate "denounces" Sen. Talmadge for financial misconduct

January 1, 1979

Byrd limits "post-cloture" fillibuster

January 1, 1979

House votes to allow television coverage by C-SPAN

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