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1980-1989 - The Reagan Revolution

Date Event
January 1, 1980

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteRonald W. Reagan (Republican) 50.7 489
Jimmy Carter (Democratic) 41 19
John B. Anderson (Independent) 6.6 0

July 5, 1980

Republicans hold their convention in Detroit,MI

August 11, 1980

Democrats hold their convention in New York,NY

January 1, 1981

Republicans win control of the Senate

March 10, 1981

assasination attempt of Ronald Reagan

January 1, 1982

Richard Kelley's corruption conviction overturned by court

January 1, 1982

Democrats gain strength in Congressional elections

January 1, 1982

Senate moves to expel Sen. Wiliams for corrupt bargain

January 1, 1982

budget passes that cut $35 billion from social programs and added $18 billion to defense

January 1, 1983

Supreme Court reaffirms Roe vs. Wade abortion decision

March 1, 1983

Reagan announces his Strategic Defense Initiative

January 1, 1984

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteRonald W. Reagan (Republican) 58.4 525
Walter Mondale (Democratic) 41.6 13

January 1, 1984

House insists on $24 million limit on covert war in Nicaragua

January 1, 1984

Sen. Jesse Helms spends record $15 million on reelection campaign

July 16, 1984

Democrats hold their convention in San Francisco,CA

August 20, 1984

Republicans hold their convention in Dallas,TX

January 1, 1985

Howard Baker retires

March 1, 1985

House accepts provision to cut off all aid to contras

July 13, 1985

Reagan undergoes intestinal surgery,hands temporary power to Bush

January 1, 1986

after extended debate,the Senate's proceedings become televised

January 1, 1986

Senate returns to Democratic hands

October 9, 1986

Senate removes Federal District Judge Harry Clairborne from office

November 1, 1986

Middle Eastern newspaper reveals secret armaments shipped to Iran

November 25, 1986

Attorney General Meese announces that NSC had diverted profits to support contras

January 1, 1987

Democrats return to power in Congress,Byrd reassumes role

January 1, 1987

Senate hearings on Iran-contra scandal begin

January 7, 1987

House establishes committee to investigate arms deal and diversion

January 1, 1988

Presedential Elections: Popular Vote Electoral VoteGeorge W. Bush (Republican) 53.4 426
Michael Dukakis (Democratic) 45.6 111

July 18, 1988

Republicans hold their convention in New Orleans,LA

August 15, 1988

Republicans hold their convention in New Orleans,LA

January 1, 1989

Supreme Court upholds public flag burning as expression of free speech

January 1, 1989

Oliver North indicted on Iran-contra charges

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