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chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Forging the National Economy (1790-1860) The Westward Movement American people were constantly on the move to the west Ralph Waldo Emerson?1844 ?Europe stretches to the Alleghenies; America lies beyond? Frontier life was difficult Food, clothing, shelter Loneliness Disease, Premature death Pioneers were Individualistic Shown in literature of the period Ralph Waldo Emerson??Self-Reliance? James Fenimore Cooper?Natty Bumppo?Last of the Mohicans Herman Melville?Captain Ahab?Moby Dick Shaping the Western Landscape ?Kentucky Bluegrass??really European bluegrass Grew well in KY once canefields were burned Great for livestock Lured more Americans into KY Trading in animal furs, etc. led to the near-extinction of many species Beaver, Bison, Sea Otter,

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