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How to Prepare for an AP Exam

Jul 15, 2009

It’s May and you have to begin preparing for a test that will tell you how well you have mastered an already difficult class. The AP exam has discouraged many students from even attempting the course that they are interested in. I am someone who was scared but I learned how to prepare for the AP exam and found it rather successful. As a sophomore I took AP World History and received a 4 on a scale of 1-5, I also received two fours my junior year for AP U.S History and AP English III. The AP test is not there to make you fail, but to give a standard fair judgment of everyone in the nation. But, there are ways to make sure that come May you won’t be lost and confused about the exam.
· Tip One: OUTLINE, OUTLINE, OUTLINE! If you can force yourself to outline your book while working through it you will see the results. When you write things you have a far better chance remembering the material and it is easier to review. Check out this website for a great method I always use: http://fcweb.scuc.txed.net/~tvann/Cornell%20Notes.pdf
· Tip Two: Study Groups: Working in Study Groups allow you to get insight and help to things you don’t understand so if you keep up with the group you can be better prepared later
· Tip Three: For multiple AP classes in the same year it is wise to invest in an AP preparation book. I have 5 AP classes my senior year while playing sports and running three clubs and having friends and family. I will use the books myself to get any advantage I can.
· Tip Four: Do not wait to April to start preparing. Preparing in all honesty should start in November or December to keep up with material and to stay with it. You can’t start too early but if you start studying in April or May, you are making it more difficult for yourself.
Again I do not have all the answers but all I can say that these things will make the test easier. But what it comes down to is that "if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail" (John Wooden). If you want to prepare at all with me my email is [email protected] and I would love to help. Good luck this year

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