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The Few Theories of Human Nature

By: Cifayn
Nov 25, 2012

The Evil

Some people emphasizes that the true human behavior emerges from the inclination to indulge in evil. Corruption has always dominantly manifested within humans in greed and deceit. People have to learn to be virtuous. Furthermore, it justifies the reason for the decadence and the crimes within society such as murder, rape, and thievery. Even throughout history, it has been documented that mankind has always been involved in warfare and conflicts. Therefore, without civilization to enforce ethic standards, humans lack the necessary conditioning to suppress those instincts of immorality. However, despite the reinforcement of orthodox principles—people are unable to overcome their nature and continue to commit dishonesty in more common forms in ordinary life.

The Good

Humans possess the innate disposition to act in honest and charitable intentions. Compassion is found in from the minor, generous acts that helps others in need to the organizations that are established to support the “common good” causes. Although it is society that can corrupt others and attempt to interfere with the integrity in human nature through depraved influence, it is also social principles that conventionally endorse honorable qualities in people and condemn the unacceptable behavior. Humans are natural competent to recognize wrongdoing because of their inner, virtuous conscience that compels goodness.


Religiously, the traditional Christian bible indicated that the first humans Adam and Eve was prominently created with God’s image in spiritual and moral perfection, as well as free will. Yet they were forbidden by God to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent of Evil had tempted Eve, who then offered the fruit to Adam and allowed them to realize their nakedness, signifying the original sin.

Their disobedience caused the fall of man: God forced them out from the Garden of Eden and punished them with Death, Labor, and Birth. As a consequence, descendants of Adam and Eve inherit the nature to sin. Sin is when one has challenged the will of God as God had created humans to embody the paragon of righteousness. However, the ability to sin does not equivocate to the essence of evil. Thus, mankind is granted the inherent choice and the capacity to proceed with good or succumb to evil.

Blank Slate

Good and evil are subjective concepts that diverge depending on individual interpretations and are conceived as contrasting ideas. As a result, humans are born neutral because as babies, they lack the mental development to understand and perceive the good and evil that are only terms to delineate a certain behavior in society.

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