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7 SAT Myths

Jan 05, 2009

For all the truth out there about how important the SAT really is, there are also many myths about it, as well. Seven of them are below:

  1. The SAT gives every student an equal chance at admission
  2. The SAT is only the messenger
  3. SAT scores are precise
  4. The SAT is more accurate than high school grades
  5. Colleges need test scores to make decisions
  6. Test coaching doesn't work
  7. The SAT is needed to counteract grade inflation

As can be seen from this list, which is far from exhaustive, there are a lot of concerns about the SAT and how well it actually works for helping people get admitted to college. Also, the concern for most people is whether the SAT is actually necessary and whether it is something that really works well as a marker of who will do well in college and who will not. This is what it is supposed to be for, but signs are that it does not always succeed, and that worries those who feel that the SAT might work against them.

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