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Defeating Obstacles

Mar 14, 2012

High school comes with a lot of obstacles: class, homework, grades, sports, clubs, deadlines, meetings, work, community service, family, friends, curfews  (just to name a quick dozen). Since showing up freshman year, it’s been an all out sprint trying to poise ourselves to receive scholarships, get into our preferred university so we can get credible advanced degrees and land the perfect career. Hold on, how am I already in my thirties?

It’s time to take a break and act our age for a minute.

Enter Warrior Dash. Can you think of a better way to unwind and decompress than running a 5K obstacle-laden course chock full of mud, climbing, crawling and fire-leaping? Nope, because it is the ultimate break from high school stresses.

Here’s the weekend: round up a car load or more of friends or teammates, plan a ridiculous costume and take a quick drive within an hour of the nearest city. Arrive and check in to receive your race bib, timing chip, free t-shirt and signature, fuzzy Warrior helmet. At your assigned time, head to the start corral with at least 500 of your fellow Warriors.

You’ll be sent off to music and giant flame cannons (only slightly better than a wimpy cap gun start). The first mile or so of the course will be rough terrain, but pretty clear of constructed obstacles. After that, game on. You know those dozen daily obstacles referenced above? Well, Warrior Dash has a dozen plus at every location too. You’ll get to know Barricade Breakdown, Road Rage, The Great Warrior Wall, Deadweight Drifter, Warrior Roast and Muddy Mayhem very intimately. After three-point-something miles, cross the finish line to receive your giant medal, cold water, banana and then rinse off (or don’t) at Warrior Wash nearby. Aren’t convinced yet? Watch this: The Battleground 


But wait, there’s more.

After the race, and throughout the entire day, live music is playing on stage; giant turkey legs and drinks are available as well as various contests, games and promotional booths. Or you can plant by the mud pit and cheer for/heckle the incoming Warriors.

Every day is spent defeating obstacles. Take that stamina and put it to use in a healthy, tangible way and relieve some of the stresses of high school life. If you’re just too busy and can’t justify a day off, then sign up to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital with Warrior Dash and check some community service off your list while you’re at it. Learn more at www.WarriorDash.com

Welcome to the Battleground.



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