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How Many Applications is Too Many?

Jan 02, 2009

If you aren't sure which college you want to apply to, or if you aren't sure whether that college will accept you, it's time to send out more than one application. There's absolutely nothing wrong with applying to more than one college, and most high school counselors encourage it. However, you shouldn't apply to a hundred different places, either.

So, how many applications is too many? Traditionally, you should send out five to eight applications, and these should be to schools that you have researched and that you really want to attend. What's the point of going to some school you've never heard of and know nothing about just because you got accepted there? It might be a great school overall, but it might be geographically inconvenient or it might not offer the kinds of programs or the social scene that you are looking for.

Many students are applying to around twenty schools today, but twenty is still too many. Apply to five to eight – no more than ten! – schools that you have researched, and you'll be happier in the long run.

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