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How to Create a High School Resume

Apr 08, 2012

Creating a high school resume is a really important part of putting your best foot forward when it comes to getting into the college of your choice. The fact of the matter is that the high school resume is a document that can make you or break you in the admissions process. When you decide to put your high school resume together it is important that you take your time and put a lot of thought into it. In addition, you need to make sure that you treat it as a professional document- there should be no spelling or grammar errors. If there are errors on your high school resume then you may be looked upon as a person that does not pay attention to details. This can hurt your chances of getting into the college that you want.

When you start to put your resume together there are a couple of basic things that you want to keep in mind. The most important thing that you need to be mindful of is that your resume should be easy to read and in chronological order. Having an organized high school resume will show the people reading it that you are meticulous and that you pay attention to detail- these are two highly desirable traits. Another thing that is important when creating your high school resume is that you format it properly. Do some research online- how are the best resumes formatted? Having a professionally formatted resume will show the reader that you have put some time into the resume and that it is important to you.

Make sure that you list your extracurricular activities on your high school resume to show that you are a well-rounded person. Being active outside of the classroom is just as important as being successful inside of it. For example, if you were involved with your high school yearbook make sure to mention it in your resume. Things such as belong to a sports team or student government are also very important and should be mentioned as well. Colleges love to admit students that will be active in the campus community- listing your extracurricular activities will give you the best chance.

In addition, you will want to list any awards and honors that you received while you were in high school. Your awards will show the admissions people at the college that you have excelled in different areas. Do not be afraid to include anything and everything that you can think of- this includes being on honor roll to being on part of a team that had a winning record. These awards and honors once again show that you are a well-rounded person that is successful both inside the classroom and out.

Lastly, you will want to include your grades and your College Board test scores on your resume. This will give the people reviewing your resume a complete picture of what you are all about- from academics to extracurricular activities. They will be able to make an admission decision based on this information.

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