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Improvements to the Premium Content library

It had been over a year since we made any updates to the user generated content section of Course Notes, so we thought it deserved a little TLC. We created the ability for users to share their notes with the Course Notes community back in 2010. Since then, users have uploaded thousands upon thousands of their notes, outlines, essays, DBQs, and other study materials. These contributions have been invaluable for new AP students looking for chapter outlines for the most recent edition of their textbook, old DBQs to practice from, etc.

When we first launched there were only a couple hundred documents in our user generated content library, so we only required users to upload one of their own documents in order to access this content. As time went on, more and more students uploaded their documents making access more valuable so we raised the requirement to two documents of their own. Now that there are over 10,000 uploaded documents, we have decided to once again increase the upload requirement to 10. When you think about it, that’s a pretty good deal. For every document you upload, you get access to 1,000.

We realized that the old method of uploading one document at a time just simply wasn’t going to fly, so we created this badass new tool that allows you to select as many documents as you want, upload them all at once, and apply relevant tags to them. If you’ve already registered for an account and are signed in, this process should take less than a few minutes to complete.

One other change that we’re going to make to the process is that we will be manually reviewing every document that is uploaded to ensure that it meets the level of quality we are looking for. Unfortunately, we have had many students not feel as though it was worth their time to contribute content that other students would find valuable and upload junk instead.  While this will mean users will no longer be able to immediately access the premium content, we feel that it will be worth the wait knowing that each document has been reviewed by a staff member. We’ll try to review the uploads as soon as possible, but please understand that it might take 24-48 hours depending on the number of submissions we receive.

You probably have some questions so we’re going to try and answer some of the most obvious ones in advance:

‘That was way too long for me to read. Just tell me what I need to know.’

  1. You now need to upload 10 documents in order to access 10,000+.
  2. We’ve improved the upload process so you can now upload as many as you want in one go.
  3. Uploads are manually reviewed in order to ensure a high level of quality

Is everything still free?
Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Do I need to register for the site before I can access this premium content?
Yes. Registering for the site will only take you a minute or two.

Do I need to be signed in to get credit for uploading content?
Yes. It’s actually not even possible for you to upload content without being signed in.

Where do I go to upload content?
Upload all the content your heart desires here

What kind of documents should I upload?
Textbook outlines, practice quizzes, essays, vocabulary terms, powerpoint presentations, etc.

I have a question that wasn’t covered here. How do I get in touch with you?
Use the contact us form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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