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The How NOT to Study Guide

Studying is one of the most hated terms in the English dictionary; well, only if you're a student that is. The older most students get, usually around high school and into college or university, the more time is spent studying for quizzes, tests and exams.

It's not something that students look forward to but it is nonetheless something every student must do throughout their educational career; unless they don't mind failing a class, which by all means go ahead and forgo studying then! If you're a high school, college or university student and you're in need of some tips to help you improve you've come to the right place and below you'll find some tips that will make studying a breeze.

Don't be Like the Guys in 'The Fast and the Furious'

If you have a lot of material to cover or you have multiple tests coming up that you want to study for in one sitting, don't rush yourself and go over everything haphazardly. Studying is not a race and in this case slow and steady actually does count for something. If you quickly glance over your notes or speed-read through your textbooks your brain isn't going to soak up the knowledge it'll need for you to pass your test. Take things nice and easy and make sure that you study everything that you will be tested on.

Don't be the Only One on the Dance Floor

Studying can be made a whole lot tolerable if you do it in a group setting. It can be daunting leafing through notebooks filled with scribbles of what you call handwriting. Having your fellow classmates by your side can be a win-win situation for everybody, as each individual brings a unique point of view and area of study they are "experts" in. No student will know everything but every student knows something and in cases like that each study group member can help their fellow students out by providing them information on an area of study they lack in and vice versa.

Don't Worry about Memorization

The student who memorizes their study material doesn't always end up with the best test scores. That's especially true when it comes to the essay portion of test questions where you're asked to prove your point. When studying make it a point to thoroughly absorb the material you're studying. When asked to explain something on a test this will come in handy, as solely memorizing the material won't give your answer any flair or personality and might even gloss over certain facts.

Don't Ignore your Teachers

If during your class your teacher or professor provided you with some tips about your upcoming test and suggested certain areas to study or handed you a list of potential test questions take those tips to heart. Some of the material suggested might show up on the test in one form or another and if you practice answering them during a study session you'll be able to answer them with ease when the questions actually matter.

Don't take the Easy Way Out

Sure, it might seem like a good idea to study the least challenging material and get it out of the way first but that sort of thinking might actually come back to bite you in the rear end later. If you study the easy stuff first you'll be wasting valuable time not studying the more challenging material and the longer into your study session you get the more tired you and your brain will become. Get the hard stuff out of the way first and then wrap the studying up with the easy stuff.

Pop quiz time: how do you study for a test? If you answered by following the above tips then you passed. Good luck and now go get that A+ on your actual test!

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