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Dating and School.....

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wow your so lucky

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I agree with Pianogirl. My ex wasnt the smartest, but he made me study, hoever he has a short attention span so five minutes after he made me study, he'll ask me if I wanna race him or something. lol.

But it can work. You guys just need to work it out and find time to be flexible. Now I need a bf who is good in math... it's my worst subject.

(btw, Imma girl)

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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Im a junior also in high school, and i have a girlfriend. For some as it has already been said, it can make life in high school hard. On the other hand having someone that you love or care about can be a benifit if your going through a rough time. Like recently i havent been doing to well in English and my girlfriend has been helped me through the those troubling times. SO i guess in the end having a gf/bf in high school is a good thing, you just have to be able to fit the right balance between the two.

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i agree with you, alohafromavalon!!

dating in high school isn't that complicated if you can find a really good balance between the two...it can be very rewarding...you know you can count on them to be there at the end of the day and know that they will always be there if you need someone to comfort you..or help you with your hw!! haha...;)

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