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Thoughts on Sex?

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Joined: Mar 2013

I think premaritial sex isn't a bad thing.  We as humans are designed to find a mating partner.  Sex is only a way of exploration and expression of love.  People make it seem like a horrible, shameful and disgusting thing to do, but sex can be an emotional and beautiful thing.  It can bond and it's only a form of love.  Something I do agree upon, is that if you are going to practice it then you should use some sort of protection and if  not, be ready for what could come after.  In the end, it all depends of your religious views and how strong they are.

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Joined: May 2013

As a teen my idea was sex should and could be open before marriage or thoughts of marriage. Now as a gorwn adult Ive come to consider the following....

Who has he been with? And who have they been with?

What is the likey attuide in the event of an unwated pregancy?

Where will we as a couple be in a year, 5 years?

Does he know the sectarys name at the free clinic on a first name basis?

The idea of sex is an emotional bond which two people share in an attempt to create a soul person even if for one moment. The idea of jumping bed to bed certainaly ruins this. How can you share yourself wit hone when you have already shared with so many. Life is to short yet it is long. If two partners truley love each then both will willingly wait for the other. Marrige is a time for both to come together and express love everlasting. Sex is the most imtinmate way to do this.

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Joined: Nov 2015

I have not grown up in a religious household. In fact, my mother has advised TO have sex before marriage. However, I am religious, and premarital sex goes against my beliefs. I think sex is a sacred bond that should only be shared between a man and his wife. But, I also realize that they are many teenagers in the world who don't necessarily feel the same way, and that is okay. I can't push my beliefs on another person. Therefore, I do feel that if you are going to have sex before marriage, you should take the proper precautions, especially if it's your first time because you never if you could be the one to get pregnant or contract a STD at the same time that you lose your virginty.


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