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DS for me.

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ds got nothing on the psp. ds for cheap people with no sense of games

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I voted DS. Its something really different.

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lot of the ds games though are all kiddy games. Along with that the screen is small and it has a really wacked up slogan "touching is good" which makes people not want to buy it even more. The PSP has everything though. Its like the video ipod + gaming in all in one. The only drawback is the cost for a good memory card.


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i would have to go psp because of its gaming selection. nothing beats gta on a long car ride. but yeah i agree with apfaq about the memory sticks costing a lot. at sears they cost $40. i know cuz i work there. thats a lot of money for something so small.

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right on man. By the way, has anyone gotten the internet browser update for the PSP???


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I say DS all the way, if you look into it the two things that PSP has got on DS is better grapics and more titles, including videos. DS has internet play, it has a touch screen, it has two screens, and Nintendo has the classics that no one else will ever have ie. Mario, Zelda, DK, etc.

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PSP straight up...if i had to choose...although i have neither...not much of a gaming person. But with PSP there is music and where is music is my vote.

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Although have dont have any of the two i'd say psp. Psp has the capability for movies, music videos, etc. etc. DS? Lets see... wireless chat room (which you'll never find someone on)so, useless and games. how.... boring.

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psp. period. how can u even compare the two!? psp has better everything except no two screen thingy like the ds. plus all the extras that the psp has just kills the ds. although i have neither, i borrow my frends psp's and ds's for a couple days (hahaa) so its a proven fact. n/eways, wenever i think of any nintendo system all i think about is MARIO. pssh i had enough of him. ill save him for my SUPER NINTENDO. =D

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It seems like the DS is winning the Handheld market...the ds has far superior games as well as variety. The PSP even with all its gadets and gizmos has nowhere near the gaming authority as the ds. And for those people who dont even game...why are you even in this topic? Though the PSP can play movies and stuff, buying enough memory can be costly and besides, the iPod Video would be a better choice; 30 gigs on a psp is easily $3000 with gigsticks at $100+

It really depends on your preferences. If you like games and have or dont care about multimedia devices then the DS is for you. If you like pretty games with load times and various other feature which you may want or not then your best bet is the PSP.

The DS can't be beat when it comes to gaming, its purely meant for gaming with an emphasis on interaction with others. The PSP however sports beautiful graphics, which is nice, and various multimedia

oh, and im MICHAEL, too


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