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DS for me.

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oh crap yewr names michael. thats tight.

ps im going for ds now. forget u psp'ers booo. hahaha

I am MiCHAEL. roar. oh heck yes.. smilies! ;) :rolleyes: :D

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DS hands-down! Though the PSP may have some better features, the features that really set the DS apart are the ones that make it worth every penny.

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No double posting HelloKim!

Please read the forum rules!

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DS all the way!

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sorry I double posted! I didn't think my post quick reply went through. Sorry! Mea culpa! Perdon, scusi etc. Whoops!

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DS is funky cool and hard core style unique! It rocks

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pspppppppp rawr

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The DS Lite is said to be exceed the PSP in technology now. Nintendo is providing wireless internet browsing for the DS and Gameboy Advance Cartridges with SD Memory slots are coming out so music and videos can be played on the DS or Gameboy Advance.


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well i will have to go with psp because you can watch movies and down load music and it has good graphics

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I have to admit, the PSP is way better than the Nintendo DS. A PSP can play movies (UMDs), music (mp3s), it can go online wirelessly (I think), and it has much better graphics. I, however, have a Nintendo DS and I like it better. A gaming console is only as good as its games. I'm still into the kiddy games that Nintendo has to offer. Maybe, eventually, I'll grow out of them, but for the moment, I won't. Oh, but I would think it'd be awesome if Sony came out with either a Gran Turismo or Kingdom Hearts game for the PSP. I love those games!:rolleyes:

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psp without question. just everything about the psp beats the ds by far. graphics, multipe uses and i dont feel like wasting my time listing all the other great attributes

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neither buy a console of anything for that matter useless especially umd for the psp


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