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DS for me.

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Miller315 wrote:psp without question. just everything about the psp beats the ds by far. graphics, multipe uses and i dont feel like wasting my time listing all the other great attributes
This is the thing about main-stream gaming. Many consumers look at just the graphics. If it has good graphics, it must be a good game or system. There are few consumers that focus on the gameplay then the graphics. That is why we gamers and average consumers purchase and play games after all, the game play.

I personally believe that the DS has superior game play to the PSP, even if it's graphics aren't "up to par" with the PSP. It's innovative design allows for game play never before seen in the portable market, and it works, it really works.

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PSP rocks. Sure it doesn't have a touch screen, but you can play games, watch movies, listen to music, watch vidios, go on the internet, and look at pictures. It's awesome, but the DS only has a couple of good games. I just got Naruto Ultamate Ninja Heros for PSP. DS can't compare.

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I agree with What on this. I love my DS and I'd never dream of trading it. Well, part of the reason was because it is really important to me personally, but still. DS ROCKS!

Yes, I understand that the PSP can do a lot of stuff that the DS can't but it's a classic.

capitalization? who the heck came up with this horrible rule?!

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PSP and DS r both good !!! , idk why we r dabating on whether PSP or DS is better, sure they have thier own unique features but in reality there both really good , PSP has that internet/movie/music feature while DS has the double screen with touch screen and Quote:It's innovative design allows for game play never before seen in the portable market I own both of them and i enjoy both equaly :D


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