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Statistics Is Fun

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Joined: Sep 2005

i am in the class. That is about as detailed as it gets but it isnt that ez.

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Joined: Oct 2005

I'm taking ap statistics this semester...and as for the precalculus prerequisite, it's not necessary. The class is, for the most part, common sense and a bit of practice. So far we've covered data interpretations, creating graphs and then interepreting them, and probability.
It's not a difficult class so far, but it is interesting. I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to pick up an AP credit

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Joined: Sep 2005

I am taking AP Statistics this year. I think it is really easy and a lot of common sense. If you know how to interpret graphs and find mean, median, mode, etc, you're pretty much set for the first part of this class. I chose to take the class because I didn't think I could handle AP Calculus at the moment.

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Joined: Dec 2005

I totally do not think Statistics is fun. Before taking the class, I heard people say it is easy and fun. Now, I hear mixed feelings from people. Some say it is easy. Some say it is hard. I think it is hard and boring as hell. The classroom looks just like a computer room. We use a computer program called Minitab to do labs to further our understanding from the textbook. Those labs are so hard, I had to stay afterschool a few times to finish them. I would not recommend Statistics to those who are just taking it thinking they would get easy credit or the faint of heart. Very..Very...Challenging.

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Joined: Mar 2005

Sorry if I'm interupting or if you're, I don't know, insulted or something, but I think that it's all in the mind set.

Some people can understand graphs and charts and all the stuff that comes with stats while some get equations and things that come with calc while some don't get math but understand history. It's all in how you're mind works. I know that I understand calc, but can't get graphs for stats for anything. Sorry you're having trouble though. Maybe you can try looking at it from a non-stat point of view to understand it.

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Statistics is the most boring subject of math there is, but taking the class is fun. I am not in it but my friend is and my sister is so I read her book(nope, no nerds here). Its really easy math it's just really long and tedious. High school statistics is pretty basic stuff and anyone could handle it. It is almost like an elective, although that might be because of the teacher. Last time he didn't really feel like teaching so everyone drove over to cafe sole which is right near my school.

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My class is teletechnet and we watch a tape everyday, however, we don't listen, we just sit there and do Sudoku puzzles(USA Today 5 Star -8:21 I am the grandmaster!) and then we cram right before a test and we get an easy A. The class is such a joke. Kids who take Ag have more to do than we do rofl

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Joined: Sep 2005

lucky, i despise you.

like my avatar??? GOOD this is a real unit that was recently sent overseas so you BETTER support them!!!! :)

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AP Statistics is the most boring AP Class ever. It is not hard but just boring. It sucks that I can't drop that class.


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Joined: Aug 2007

I need to take stats next year. I can't decide if I should take it over the summer or if I should have an extra class my senior year. Is it hard. Should I cram it over summer. Does anyone have any advice?


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