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Statistics Is Fun

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Statistics is the study of data. Part of it is using graphs (bar graphs, histograms, box and wiskers) to display data. Part of it is finding probailities. Part of it is finding the center (mean) and variance (standard deviation) of the data. And the last part of statistics is taking a sample and applying it to a population using z scores, t scores and X2 scores and tests.
In simple terms, AP statistics teaches you how to use your TI-84 calculator very well.

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Joined: May 2008

sorry, i didn't see the other 2 pages. oops.

If you are dedicated to math, you should take it over the summer. Stats is very straightforward and easy. Just make sure you get a review book (I love the Baron's one) and study the review book from January to May because otherwise, you will forget everything you learned over the summer.

Also make sure you know how to use the official formula sheet. Our teacher never showed us the official one, so I didn't use it, leaving me at a disadvantage.


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