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I am going to be a senior next year and here's my story.

This year I was (sadly) taking APWH and APChem.
I totally bombed APChem and had to quit because my teacher was just a friggin' nightmare (and the subject was not me).
OK, I am self-teaching myself AP Macro and Micro. So far, they're OK. I'm just nervous because I don't have a teacher.
Next year, I will take AP Environmental Science, AP English Literature, AP Calculus AB. Unfortunately, I was planning to take AP Italian but the CollegeBoard cancelled it. My plan is to take AP Spanish AND take it a step further with AP Spanish Literature to make up for lost exams.

My dilemma is: is this too much?
I wanted to take 10 APs originally (including Chemistry, Physics B, and French Lang.) But I am really weak at French (I know basic because of Spanish that I'm fluent in) and I will have the same teacher for Phys as I had for Chem which would be just suicide.

Another thing, is it worth AP Phys? It seems like everyone LOVES that (and Chem). Is it possible to self-teach?? My brother and mother are both chemists and they said it's easy and fun (they said the same about Chem though). So what should I do? D:

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Okay, So I'm going to start off by saying that if you're motivated, dedicated, and don't want a social life in your senior year, you could probably pull it off. If you look at the course load and think "I don't think I could do this without killing myself with work", it's probably not worth the effort. It's always good to have a goal, but if you look at it realistically sometimes your original, uneducated goal may need to be updated after you've learned your limits. Only one person can tell you how much is too much, and that's you.

About AP PHysics...first off, I hope you're talking about college recruiters, because in my experience you go into just about any mixed group of students and mention that they have to take physics, and you will here groans. Physics is only easy and fun if you have the mind of a physicist. Let's face it, not all of us do. I happen to love Physics, it's my major, I get it easily, I'm a physicist (well, in the making). The thing about science is that it's a different way of thinking. The way you think in your English class is totally different from your Physics or Chem or Biology class. It is possible to self teach yourself if you want to try, the key is to get yourself a good book. Also, if you want, I may possibly be helping someone learn it over the summer, and I could help you learn then, or I could help you learn during the school year. I've helped another student get through his class with a horrible teacher, so it's not my first time.

But yes! Basically you're the one who has to go through it all, so I can't tell you what to do, but there's my advice.

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I think science is OK; but in my school I've just had awful experiences with teachers.
What type of book do you recommend for AP Physics? Please do not say the likes of Giancoli because I think that book makes everything waaaay to complicated.
Anyway, I'll probably stick around this site but I think it should get more members D:
Anyway, thanks pianogirl.

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