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AP Chemistry Lab Notebook: Which one do you get?

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AP Chemistry Lab Notebook: Which one do you get?

For my AP Chem class, my teacher told us we need to have a professional lab notebook with which we will record lab stuff. She didn't tell us much about the notebook except that it has duplicates so when you write on one sheet, it will go through it onto a second sheet to produce a copy, which is the one you hand in. So maybe if other people who also need one of these lab notebooks told me which ones they have, I'd have a better sense of what I'm looking for. My teacher said mostly only online stores sell them, so I'm searching the internet.

And so far, I'm eyeing this one out: http://www.amazon.com/Student-Lab-Notebook-Spiral-duplicate/dp/193088274...

I am praying to god that this is the right one because I've ordered it. But the ones my friends described to me are quite different. So anyone know if this lab notebook (the link) is acceptable to use in AP Chem? Thankss, I'd really appreciate it.

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That should be fine - I'm pretty sure they had that particular book at the college bookstore. Just make sure to put something between your sets of pages. It may be carbonless, but the pressure will still go through to the other sets. I have a simlar one (carbonless) that's bound like a composition notebook and I like it. I'm not a fan of carbon myself - that little sheet is annoying to remember and easy to lose.

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huh, my teacher just has us using normal comp. notebooks. he says thats what most sciencists use.

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