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DBQ due friday

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DBQ due friday

This is my DBQ question:
How successful was organized labor in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875-1900? Analyze the factors that contributed to the level of success achieved.

So far I have come up with how the bussiness men kept the union down; In my answer i am talking about all the different labor unions, and the railroad strike of 1877; I am talking about "yellow dogs"(the contract); railroads and industrialization also play a big part on whether or not it was that successful; my thesis will include something to the measure of saying organized labor was not very successful in improving the positions of workers, but they did have some good things going for them like railroads...and so on.

Is there anything I am not talking about that i need to include? I also am using a document that has all these cooks (labor union/communist/a few others) and in class we were talking about how too many cooks in the kitchen can be bad. Basically the labor union and communist made the union look bad...so here is what i have, my question is: what else do i need or am i okay to go?

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You can talk about the several woker's unions like the National Labor Union, the AFL, the Knights of Labor. The strikes were not very successful because employers would try to stop them by private "police",espionage within working, brute force, infiltration of unions and sabotage of organization efforts. Probably the only thing labor union gained was that they faced weatlhy and powerful power companies.


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We just had that DBQ and talked about it in class yesterday - we said the National Labor Union, the AFL, and the Knights of Labor were all very important, but it really depended on the way you looked at it whether or not they were very sucessful - they did have some success, not as much as they wanted, if you were considering the fact that labor unions were just forming, how disorganized they were, and how the government was not doing anything for them they did o.k. - they didn;t achieve what they wanted, but they made a little bit of progress

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I was just looking up some information on that exact question. I wanted to mention the Great Railroad Strike, the Haymarket Riot, and the Pullman Strike. In addition, the National Labor Union (NLU) was organized following the Civil War.

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This thread wins, why? Because it's a model of what we want here! She showed us what she's done so far, and oh my goodness, i read this thread, and almost started to cry.

This is why i keep coming here :)

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