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Eisenhowers Reponse to the following

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Eisenhowers Reponse to the following

I have a test tommorow and I am having some trouble. Not too fond of chapter 38, find it boring and I can't read without going sleepy.
The question is.
State President Eisenhower's response to the following:
1. McCarthyism
2. Civil Rights Movement
3. Social-welfare

So far this is what I have for 1.
McCarthyism - Senator Joseph McCarthy used fear to climb the latter in politics. He accused citizens of being communists with no proof. He mainly accused liberals and internationalists. He was backed by the Republicans. How ever, he was not backed by the president. Eisenhower felt that by public approaching McCarthy he would only stoop down to his level, which he was not about to do. McCarthy “cut his own throat” when he attacked the U.S. Army.
Would you add anything to it. From what I read he didn't favor it but he also didn't intervene to stop it.

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keep in mind Eisenhower was a conservative president. He believed in dynamic republicanism which believed in conservative with money but liberal with human rights. The conservative with money led Eisenhower to cut spending on social welfare. For example, he ended setting ceilings on prices which helped out the people and various other government projects. Although he ended some, he did establish the National highway Bill (not sure if that's the right name) that spend in all over $100 billion and it did provide jobs. With Civil Rights, he didn't do much to help it. No president did until Kennedy's attempt with the Civil Rights Bill (but he was assassinated before it could pass) and Johnson's actual passing it. For McCarthyism remember that the Senate actually approved a sub-committee to McCarthy so he can investigate people and he ruined the careers of many people. Mention that the attorney from the army who challenged him (sorry i forgot his name) had the case broadcasted on TV. The public was able to view how much of a fraud McCarthy really was and that definitely contributed to his downfall.

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im also on Eisenhower presidency. Im doing the DBQ now. and i might have essay test soon. this might helps me =] thx
hopefully the essay questions are something similar to this

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