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Music Theory AP terms

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Cadence A harmonic goal, specifically the chords used at the goal Cadential extension Delay of cadence by addition of material Coda Conclusion of composition Codetta Marks and the end of sonatas, ends in a perfect cadence Contour Shape of the melody Conjunct Stepwise Disjunct With leaps Focal point Highest note of the melody Countermelody Accompanying melody sounding against the principle melody Elision When last note of one phrase serves as first note of next phrase Introduction Section which opens a movement, establishes melodic, harmonic, and or rhythmic elements Bridge Contrasting section which also prepares for the return of the original material section Chorus Line or lines that are repeated Song form (AABA)

Couse outline and sylabus

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CRESTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL COURSE SYLLABUS OUTLINE 2011-2012 [email protected] 689-7177 ext 4060 http://archies.okaloosaschools.wikispaces.net/ INSTRUCTOR: S Archie OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday-2-2:30 pm COURSE DESCIPTION: Course Title: Spanish III Course Number: 0708360 Credit: 1 Elective, Weighted. COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this cours e is to enable students to begin to acquire proficiency in Spanish through a linguistic, communicative and cultural approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and on the acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar. REQUIRED TEXT(S): Expr?sate I I by Holt Activities Workbook by Holt Expr?sate DVDs,


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