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Psychology's roots

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Oliver Baron AP Psych PD 5 Ms. Jessell Chapter 1 Outline Psychology?s Roots Psychology attempts to explain how we think, feel, and act. Prescientific Psychology Early views on psychology India- Buddha China- Confucius Israel- Hebrew scriptures People were said to think with their hearts and feel with their bowels Socrates, Plato, Aristotle (469-399 B.C.) Engaged with Plato in psychology, and Plato recorded their thoughts Views the mind as separate from body and continuing after death Said knowledge was built in from birth Plato then teaches Aristotle after Socrates? death Aristotle?s techniques are more observation-based rather than logic-based He ends up disproving and improving upon Socrates and Plato?s ideas Foreshadowed ?nature vs. nurture? Augustine (354-430 A.D.)


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