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Precision and recall

Fundamentals of Physics 7e Test Bank

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Chapter 1: MEASUREMENT 1. The SI standard of time is based on: A. the daily rotation of the earth B. the frequency of light emitted by Kr86 C. the yearly revolution of the earth about the sun D. a precision pendulum clock E. none of these Ans: E 2. A nanosecond is: A. 109 s B. 10?9 s C. 10?10 s D. 10?10 s E. 10?12 Ans: B 3. The SI standard of length is based on: A. the distance from the north pole to the equator along a meridian passing through Paris B. wavelength of light emitted by Hg198 C. wavelength of light emitted by Kr86 D. a precision meter stick in Paris E. the speed of light Ans: E 4. In 1866, the U. S. Congress defined the U. S. yard as exactly 3600/3937 international meter. This was done primarily because:
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