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Election Demographics

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Title: Bad location; Georgia's history Source: The Economist (US). 405.8812 (Nov. 24, 2012): p87(US). Document Type: Book review Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2012 Economist Intelligence Unit N.A. Incorporated Despite its unhappy history and dire geography, Georgia is doing well

Trail of Tears

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Trail of Tears - Cherokees in mountains of Georgia and western North Carolina

- Adopted constitution declaring their separation as a domestic dependent nation

- Georgia declared state law extended over the Cherokees living in its boundaries

- Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831) John Marshall declared that the court did not have jurisdiction to rule on the case however, the Cherokees had an “unquestionable right” to their land

- Georgia then passes a law declaring Cherokees had to acquire a license to live withing Georgia

- Worcester v. Georgia (1832) declared that the Georgia law was unconstitutional because the Cherokee nation was a “distinct political nation”

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