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Eisenhower Timeline

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Eisenhower, GOP, 1953-1961, Page ? PAGE ?5? of ? NUMPAGES ?6? Dwight Eisenhower 1953-1961 GOP Secretary of State?John Foster Dulles?resigns 1959?replaced by Christian Herter Foreign policy -New Look >created by Secretary of State Dulles >focused on brinksmanship =push communists back to pre-1945 borders by any means =use covert action by CIA to interfere with communists abroad -massive retaliation >massive buildup of nuclear weapons >it was cheaper to build up nuclear weapons than large military forces >mutually assured destruction =if one country attacks the other?the other will be destroyed?nuclear deterence 1953 March Josef Stalin dies?replaced by Nikta Khruschev Office of Price Stabilization officially ended all price controls
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