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Lower respiratory tract

Respiratory System PPT

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Warm-Up Name one organ in the respiratory system and state its significance in the human body State three things you know about the respiratory system. By: Chlo? Durfee Sydney Modder Ramya Ramesh Megumi Sharma Chase Damis The Respiratory System Epiglottis Blocks food and liquids from entering the trachea Spoon-like structure Larynx/Pharynx Pharynx (throat) Provides passageway for respiratory and digestive tracts Tube like structure that connects nasal and oral cavities to larynx Coordinates breathing and swallowing while eating Larynx (Voice Box) Connects pharynx to trachea Provides airway Prevents food from entering respiratory tract Produces sound Trachea (Windpipe) This is the tube that air passes through in order to get to the bronchi and then the lungs.
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