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Biological systems

AP Biology Notes on Ecology

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UNIT 15 - ECOLOGY List of Terms Ecology: study of interactions of organisms with their environment and with each other Population: group of individuals of one species in one area that can breed and interact with one another Community: all the organisms in one area Ecosystem: All the organisms in an area and abiotic factors in that area Abiotic factors: nonliving, include temperature, water, sunlight, wind, rocks, etc. Biosphere: global ecosystem Biotic potential: max rate at which a population can increase under ideal conditions Influenced by factors like age at which reproduction begins, lifespan during which you can reproduce, # of reproductive periods in lifetime, and the max # of offspring the organism can produce


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Ecology-A Study of Relationships Ecology means the study of the home Ecology is the study of organisms in their natural environment Biosphere is everywhere that life exists Viewing planet Earth from Space Satellites are an economical way to gather data; they have sensors, these gather data quickly from a very large region, and they last a long time Electromagnetic radiation Total ozone-mapping spectrometer Understanding environmental interactions allows us to predict the effects of human activity Biomes- Climatic Zones of Life Biome- a large geographic region determined by the climate and soil type Climate- average weather pattern over a long period of time Ecosystem- a Functional Unit Ecosystem is the Functional Unit because biome is too big to conduct research
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