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French diaspora

CH 24 GR

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CH. 24 GR Terms: 1. Modernization- the process of reforming political, military, economic, social, and cultural traditions in imitation of the early success of W. societies, often with regard for accommodating local traditions in non-western societies. 2. ?legitimate trade?- exports from Africa in the 19th century that didn?t include the newly outlawed slave trade. 3. palm oil- exports increased during the 19th century due to ?legitmate? trade 4. recaptives- African rescued by Britain?s Royal Navy from the illegal slave trade of the 19th century and restored to free status. Christian missionaries settled them in Freetown. 5. ?secondary empires? 6. nawabs- a Muslim prince allied to British India; technically , a semi-autonomous deputy of the Mughal emperor 7. ?Company Men?
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