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European balance of power

Causes of World War I

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Unification of Italy Unification of Italy A. Sense of nationalism grows 1. The work of Mazzini a. Started the Young Italians b. Learn Italian History B. The work of Cavour 1. Worked in Sardinia for Victor Emmanuel II 2. Unified Northern Italy C. The work of Garibaldi 1. Freedom fighter in South America 2. Created Redshirts 3. Unified Southern Italy D. Impact of the unification of Italy 1. Upset the European balance of power 2. Italy wants an Empire Count Cavour Garibaldi Unification of Germany A. the father land 1. means an aggressive nation 2. a nation born through struggle B. Otto von Bismarck 1. known as the ?Iron Chancellor? 2. expected Germans to sacrifice themselves C. the use of iron and blood
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