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Orthopedic cast

Intro to Nursing Skills - Workbook 4 Range of Motion

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WEEK 3 ================================================================================ RANGE OF MOTION/BODY MECHANICS Read: Tritak, A. Mobility and Immobility. (2014). In J.C. Ross Kerr & M. J. Wood (5th ed.), Canadian fundamentals of nursing. Chapter 37 pp 11951248. Toronto, ON: Elsevier. 1. Define each of the following: Mobility Ability to move easily and independently. Immobility Inability to move freely. Disuse atrophy Muscle loss due to prolonged inactivity from bed rest, trauma, casting, nerve damage. Negative nitrogen Balance When more nitrogen is excreted than is ingested in proteins. Ischemia Mechanical obstruction that reduces blood flow to a certain area of the body causing blanching (paling of the skin). Range of Motion
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