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Alan Brinkley

American History: A survey by Alan Brinkley. Chapter 3.

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1)The Early Chesapeake a)The Founding of Jamestown i)Charter granted to London Company in 1604 by King James I,?Godspeed, Discovery,?and?Susan Constant?left England and landed in Jamestown, VA in 1607 ii)Colony mostly al men, inadequate diets contributed to disease, by 1608 colony had almost failed (poor leadership, location, disease, food) except Capt. John Smith saved it by imposing work and order and organizing raids against Indians b)Reorganization i)London Company became Virginia Company 1609, gained expanded charter, sold stock, wish to grew VA colony with land grants to planters ii)Winter of 1609-1610= starving time iii)First governor Lord De La Warr arrived 1609, established harsh discipline w/ work gangs
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