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Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

Enduring Vision 8E Chapter 14 outline

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Ch. 14: From Compromise to Secession, 1850-1861, pg 401-429 Chapter Lead-In, pg 401 Edmund Ruffin ? southerner champion of succession, noted agriculturalist, hated Yankees and the north, committed suicide February 1861-led by South Carolina seven states than the lower south had already seceded April 1861 ? Ft Sumter, Charleston Bay South Carolina Mid 1850s ?formation of a purely northern republican party ? dedicated to stopping the extension of slavery October 1859 ?john brown ?abolitionist, lead people to seize a Federal arsenal and harpers ferry, Virginia in hopes of igniting a slave insurrection ? failure THE COMPROMISE OF 1850, pg 402 Mexican ? American war victory ended with 15 each free and slave states however the acquired territory threatened to upset that balance

Abraham Lincoln's Presidency was a disaster debate PRO and CON

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Resolution: Abraham Lincoln?s presidency was an overall disaster for the United States. Affirmative Team -- Supports the resolution Prime Minister (PM) and Member of Government (MG) Negative Team -- Negates the resolution Leader of Opposition (LO) and Member of Opposition (MO) Prime Minister 1 The Civil War was indirectly Lincoln?s fault because after his election in 1860, his perceived anti slavery sentiment as a member of the Republican Party caused Southerners to doubt the federal government?s ability to adequately defend their rights as members of the Union. After freeing the slaves, Lincoln failed to protect their rights, ultimately rendering his emancipation much less beneficial to the slaves than it could have been
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