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Global health

Two Historical And Two Modern Examples of Disease Outbreaks

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Two Historical Disease Outbreaks Black Plague- This was one of the world?s most deadly pandemics in history. It killed anywhere from 75 to 200 million people during the years of 1348-1350. It was nicknamed the Black Death and started in China but took full effect in Europe. Smallpox- This was an ?Old World? disease that almost all Europeans were immune to, but when they began to explore and conquer South America they brought it to the Natives and it is estimated that over 95% of the natives died because of this disease Two Modern Examples Swine Flu- H1N1 is a highly contagious and deadly disease that spreads easily which makes it susceptible to worldwide outbreaks. In 2009 a worldwide pandemic occurred and there was much hysteria over the disease
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