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Azimuthal quantum number

Chapter 7

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Claire Rafson Chapter 7: Atomic Structure and Periodicity 7.1- 7.3 Wavelength and frequency are inversely related C= speed of light = 2.9979 X 10^8 m/s Photoelectric effect- Einstein. Phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from the surgace of a metal when light strikes it. E=mc^2 ?. M= mass Dual nature of light Diffraction- light is scattered from a regular array of points or lines. Change in E= hv 7.4- quantum model- made by Bohr. Model for the hydrogen atom. Electron in a hydrogen atom moves around the nucleus only in certain orbits. Ground state- lowest possible energy state. 7.5- quantum mechanical model- Heisenberg, Broglie, and Schrodinger probability distribution- intensity of color is used to indicate probability value near a given point in space. 7.6-
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