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Traditional IRA

Sample Retirement Planning Presentation

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Retirement Planning Facilitator: Eric Mackey FIN201 M5A1 Individual Retirement Accounts Traditional IRA Pretax Contribution $5,500 (2014) or $6,500 if over age 50 Must take distributions at age 70 ? Contributions and earnings are taxable when withdrawn Can decide how money is invested Roth IRA Post Tax Contribution $5,500 (2014) or$6,500 if over age 50 No required distribution if original owner None if a qualified distribution Can decide how money is invested Case Study, $3,500 investmentT. Rowe Price Retirement Income Fund TRRIX Traditional IRA $3,500 tax deferred investment Rate of Return (Rate) 6.10% Number of Year (NPER) 30 Present Value (PV) 3500 Total Value after 30 years $20,679.00 Distributions are taxed Roth IRA $2,450 after tax contribution (30% tax bracket)
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