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Ap Biology Ch41 study guide

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AP Biology Guided Reading Chapter 41 1. Contrast the terms undernourished, overnourished and malnourished? Undernourished is when an animal does not have enough nutrients and therefore does not have enough energy, while overnourished is when the animal have too much nutrients, which will be stored as fat. Malnourished is when an animal does not have enough of one or more essential nutrients. A person can be overnourished, but still be malnourished if they are lacking one or more essential nutrients. ? 2. What are essential amino acids and essential fatty acids? Essential amino acids and fatty acids are ones that the organism cannot make and therefore must obtain in their diet. ? 3. Contrast vitamins and minerals.

AP Environmental Science - FRQ and MI for Ch.1

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Christian Boujaoude August 17, 2014 AP Environmental Science Pd. 10 Daly FRQ Chapter 1 1. a.) A feasible explanation for the algal bloom in the pond could be that there was too much fertilizer applied to the lawn. Some of the run-off from the rain flowed down the lawn and went into the pond. This would then increase the nutrient supply in the pond and resulted in the algal bloom a few weeks later.
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