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Counts of Flanders

The Transformation of Europe

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Kinberg, Nicholas Michael Chakmakian AP World History 5 August 2015 Chapter 23 Outline Transformation of Euro 1517, German monk challenged Church Martin Luther of Wittenberg denouncedsale of indulgences, pardon that excused ppl. From doing penance for sins/also facilitated entry into heaven Indulgences were available >11th, to raise funds for reconstruction of St. Peter?s basilica in Rome, Church marketed indulgences in 16th Luther thought indulgences were signs of greed/hypocrisy Despised church: no human had power to absolve ppl. Of sins 10/1517, offered debate, denounced indulgences inNinety-Five Theses Copies were available in all Euro Galvanized opinion among those who resented Church
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