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Rabban Bar Sauma

Traditions and Encounters Chapter 22 Test Bank

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CHAPTER 22 TEST QUESTIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Ibn Battuta was a. a Morrocan legal scholar who traveled extensively and recorded his observations. * b. the sultan of Delhi. c. the leader of the central Asian kingdom that dominated all trade along the silk roads. d. Marco Polo?s traveling companion. e. the leading Islamic scholar whose work reintroduced Aristotle to Europe. (p. 565) 2. In the five centuries after the year 1000 C.E., the peoples of the eastern hemisphere a. cut off contact with the rest of the world because of the ravages of disease. b. fell under the control of the expanding empires of the western hemisphere. c. traveled and interacted more intensively than ever before. * d. fell dangerously behind the rest of the world in science and technology.
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